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Find Your PASSION. Live Your PURPOSE.

At New Hope, there is a place for everyone. We encourage people of all ages and genders to get involved in ministry. We believe that everyone has a purpose in the Kingdom of God. Together we will build a community of love and grace where you are nurtured and where you will mature as a Christian.

Trauma Healing Ministry

New Hope Ministries is committed to addressing the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of individuals, families, and communities. Our Trauma Healing Groups focus on the spiritual and emotional needs. We specialize in developing coping skills for many of the issues we face everyday. Topics delve into domestic abuse to grief, to racism; and everything in between.  We offer groups for children, teens, and adults.

Women's Ministry

From Bible Studies to book clubs to Mommy Makeovers, we minister to the heart, mind, body and soul of a woman. Every ministry reminds ladies that God thinks that are captivating and so do we.

Men's Ministry

A discipleship program run by men for men, designed to encourage camaraderie, accountability, service opportunities, and leadership.

Youth Ministry

New Hope Ministries believes that children are an integral part of the body of Christ. We believe that our youth play a vital role in the advancement of God's Kingdom on earth. With this in mind, we have created activities and classes geared to instilling Biblical knowledge and value in youth of all ages. 

New Hope Christian Academy

New Hope Christian Academy is a K-12 private, Christian school dedicated to educating the mind, soul, and body of its students. We are committed to stellar and affordable education.

Missions Ministry

New Hope Ministries is committed to supporting missions at home and abroad. We encourage our members to participate in missions with their financial support and/or attending a missions trip.

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