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Youth Ministries

Children are very important at New Hope Ministries. We believe that children have purpose and can be used by God right now. With Biblical training and mentoring, our young people will learn to use their gifts and talents to serve in the Kingdom of God.

GEMS (Girls Evolving into Mature Sisters)

GEMS is a mentoring ministry for girls, ages 8-14. The program is designed to provide adolescent girls with the necessary tools to be successful in life, through spiritual guidance, educational experiences, communication with their elders, academic and career guidance, and support.

GENTS (God's Elite, Noble, & Talented Soldiers)

GENTS is New Hope's way of addressing the unique needs of adolescent boys. Our young men face challenges that make if difficult for them to successfully navigate life. It is our belief that through physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance and support, our boys will mature into successful men, who in turn will mentor the upcoming generations.

Kingdom Kids Youth Group

A weekly time for young people to come together and learn about the Bible and how to apply it to their lives. They learn how to truly live as Kingdom Kids by Bible lessons reinforced with fun crafts and activities.

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